The vehicle is a resource that has improved life in many ways, with its distances are shorter; we can transport things, can be part of our work or business, take us to essential appointments and take us to know many places. Having a car is efficient.

Importance And Benefits Of Driving :

    It is more comfortable than traveling by public transport.

    We can have it to go anywhere and without depending on schedules.

    It is more economical, especially if you visit several or the whole family.

    It is convenient when it comes to shopping in the super or “something” that is required for the house.

    In a particular sense, you learn to take responsibility, because driving a car involves responsibility.


    You have to pay for tenure, verification, repairs, and maintenance.

    You have to be patient with traffic, sometimes with marches and demonstrations, as well as road cuts and maintenance of roads that make traffic chaos (the correct word is transit).

    You can become a driver for your in-laws or your mother.

    You can ask for a favor for a trip (near or far) your neighbors, friends or family.

    An imprudence can lead you to an accident that can be fatal.

What Is A Fleet Of Cars And What Is It For?

A fleet of cars is a set of vehicles owned by a company or individual with business activity. For legal issues, a fleet of more than five cars is usually considered.

Advantages Of A Fleet Of Cars

Having a group of own vehicles has several advantages. The main one is the cost savings in transportation. Depending on the turn or activity of the company, this can solve different logistics problems. To find out if your business needs a fleet of cars, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do I currently spend on transportation?
  • Do I need transportation for people or goods?
  • Do the benefits of owning cars outweigh the cats?
  • What will be the medium and long-term maintenance expenses?

With proper planning, a fleet of cars can be an excellent solution for a company. Some of the benefits are:

  • Flexibility for transport in and out of the business
  • Fixed personnel costs and maintenance
  • Increase in productivity (in sales, for example)
  • Buy vs. lease

In the market, there are different ways to acquire a fleet of cars. The first option is to buy the vehicles with a dealer. Some, like Nissan, offer payment plans for fleets.

Insurance For Car Fleets

Several companies offer insurance services from 4 and up to 200 cars. Take into account the following considerations:

  • Vehicles must be shorter than ten years old
  • Request coverage for third-party damages and total theft
  • Quote with at least three insurance companies

Importance Of Knowing How To Drive A Car And Its Benefits
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